Sculpture® Plus™

High Precision Dental is proud to offer Sculpture® Plus™ Nano-Hybrid Composites. Based on clinically proven Sculpture Plus Composites, which earned a 5+ rating from THE DENTAL ADVISOR, Sculpture® Plus™ offers exceptional polishability and esthetics.

With translucency available in a complete range of shades, our High Precision Dental technicians can fabricate Scupture® Plus™ restorations which closely mimic the appearance of natural dentition. Sculpture® Plus™ Composites include a new generation of patented polycarbonate dimethacrylate (PCDMA) resins to retain its strength and stain resistance. The nano-particulate fill component results in strong, reinforced margins and provides the polishability that has set this composite apart from all others.



  • Exceptional polishability and esthetics
  • Long-term luster retention
  • Extremely low wear


  • Single crown - anterior/posterior
  • Inlays and onlays

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