Custom Temporary

At High Precision Dental, we utilize our 3Shape scanner to design and mill long-lasting temporary crowns and bridges from PMAA (polymethyl methacrylate) material. Using CAD/CAM technology, we are proud to offer our Custom Temporaries that look, feel and function so naturally your patients will want to keep them in forever. With our Custom Temporaries, you can provide your patients a preview of their new smile. Your patients can shed their fears of unnatural esthetics, comforts and functions until the final restoration. Simply send us your preoperative model and we will fabricate our Custom Temporary for you. Note: After preparation, simply reline and cement.



  • Gives patients confidence in their smile
  • Avoid time and hassles of chairside temps
  • Preview of final restoration
  • Duplicates model of temporaries used to duplicate dimensions and morphology in the final restoration
  • Monomer free

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