Zirlux™ FC Zr

Zirlux™ FC Zr is a monolithic structure exhibiting exceptional strength with a resistance to chipping and cracking, making it an ideal restoration for bruxer patients. This strong, yet beautiful, Zirlux™ FC Zr crown is an esthetic alternative to metal occlusal PFMs and cast gold restorations.

Zirlux™ FC Zr is designed and milled with exact precision, delivering a natural, esthetic result. The esthetics are truly exceptional and the "chameleon effect" makes it nearly indistinguishable from natural dentition.

Zirlux™ FC Zr is created using a 5-axis advanced milling strategy resulting in superior secondary occlusal anatomy, thereby delivering a combination of function, strength and beauty.

Zirlux™ FC Zr, you will never have to sacrifice esthetics for strength or concern yourself with chipping or cracking.



  • Flexural strength of MPa 1000 +/- 100 MPa
  • Outstanding translucency
  • Virtually fracture-proof


  • Single crowns and bridgework up to 4 units



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