Want to secure more cases with your patients? Give them a preview of what their new smile will look like. With our talented team of Diagnostic Wax-Up technicians, your patients can receive a visual of your restorative work and how it will shape their new smile. Our Diagnostic Wax-Ups will show your patients the "before-and-after" of their existing smile and help them determine whether to pursue treatment. All of our Diagnostic Wax-Ups are fabricated from white stone models with white wax to produce the most lifelike result possible. High Precision Dental's Diagnostic Wax-Up team will give you the blueprint to follow. We can recommend the ideal product, design and cementation. Secure the confidence of your patients and add more case loads to your practice. Call us today at 877.523.4241 to learn more about our Diagnostic Wax-Ups.



  • Increase patient case acceptance
  • Provide "before-and-after" visualization
  • Use for making temporaries
  • Esthetically satisfied patients at end of treatment

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