High Precision Dental's CAD/CAM PFMs offer all the benefits you've come to expect from CAD/CAM technology. Our dedication to invest in the latest CAD/CAM systems enables us to create CAD/CAM PFMs with digitally equilibrated fit, occlusion and contacts. Using 3D CAD technology and the Projet Production System to print detailed anatomical wax-ups, pressing using Noritake EX-3 porcelain and partnered with the knowledge and experience of High Precision Dental technicians, allows us to create impeccable CAD/CAM PFMs with little to no chairside adjustments - free of human error. Secure the confidence of your patients and add more patient referrals to your practice. Call us today at 877.523.4241 to learn more about CAD/CAM PFMs.



  • Digitally equilibrated occlusion and contact - FREE OF HUMAN ERROR
  • Consistent fit, contact, anatomy and occlusion - PREDICTABILITY
  • Strength of pressed ceramic - LONGEVITY
  • Fewer chairside adjustments - GREATER PROFITABILITY

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