Dental Town: Townie Choice Awards winner for best crown and bridge material, and with recent breakthroughs in nanotechnology, Captek™ is now over 30% stronger. Captek™ is a highly esthetic restoration that looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth.

Esthetics - Captek™ gold copings, a yellow-orange color, will provide the most natural color background for our highly talented High Precision Dental ceramist to enhance the ability to deliver esthetics full of vitality.

Biocompatibility - There is less gingivitis and tissue recession around Captek™ crowns. Captek™ has a composite metal structure that produces micro-electrical bi-polar stimulation which seems to positively stimulate the tissue cells around it. Captek™ margins have been proven to have less bacterial accumulation than around natural teeth or other restorations.

Shock Absorption - Captek's exclusive structure, with its shock absorbing property, protects the supporting bone around the tooth or implant. It also greatly prolongs the life expectancy of Captek™ restorations.



  • Resistant to plaque and bacteria
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Natural appearance
  • With nanotechnology, now 30% stronger
  • Precise fit


  • Single crowns
  • Three-unit bridges

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